Sheetali Pranayama

Relax into Padmasana, Virasana, or Siddhasana. Keep the spine erect, and place the back of the hands on the knees, performing Jnana Mudra. Curl the tongue, and stick it through the lips so that there is a passage where air can escape. Breathe in through the tongue and lips, listening to the sound, and filling the lungs. Bring the tongue in a close the mouth. Now perform Jalandhara Bandha, placing the chin on the chest. Perform Mula Bandha, and hold the breath for 5 seconds. Breathe out slowly through the nostrils. Lift the head. Repeat this cycle five to ten times. Finish by relaxing into Savasana.


1. Cools down the inner body.
2. Invigorates spleen and liver.
3. Improves Digestion.
4. Rids of thirst.
5. Relaxes eyes and ears.