Bhramari Pranayama

Relax into Padmasana, Virasana, or Siddhasana. With Spine straight, bring hands up and press the ear cartilage flaps, near the ear canal, closing the ears to outside sound. Place index fingers on the lower forehead, middle and ring fingers gentle over closed eyes, and pinks resting on the nose. Breathe in fully, and with the exhale, with closed mouth, make a humming sound, or the ‘MMM’ sound of OM. Do this during the entire exhalation. Preform this ten to fifteen times.


1. Calms the mind.
2. Reduces stress.
3. Reduces anxiety.
4. Release spine tension.
5. Reduces Anger.
6. Heals damaged tissues.
7. Reduces Insomnia.
8. Reduces Throat Ailments.