Chander Yoga is a comprehensive style of Yoga

Unaltered, Undiluted and Authentic, and is taught the same way as it was taught in the Himalayas (the Origin of Yoga) in Ancient India. For centuries now Yoga has proven to be the best and the most comprehensive life solution. Unfortunately, In recent decades Yoga has gone through dilution, alterations and modifications. Chander Yoga takes this opportunity not only to educate the less-informed yoga teachers but also to help alleviate the lives of common people.

The perfect example of a Yogi is the Sun that burns itself in order to give light to the world. Hiranyagarbha was the first human to learn yoga and it's said that Sun was his inspiration. Yoga is can therefore be described as the light of Sun. Moon reflects the light of the sun. The word 'Moon' translates to 'Chander' in Sanskrit and hence the name Chander Yoga.

Yogis in the Himalayas are known to possess tranquility at will. They are known to channelise people's dormant energy for greater good. They are renunciates who heal people and believe in humanity. These are enlightened spirits who can see through superficial worldiness and can find their real disciple even it's a needle in a haystack.

It's an honor to be trained by 5 Himalayan gurus and it's their desire now that I should now go mainstream and teach. I humbly seek your love and support - Chander Dhall.


Years ago when I switched over to Chander my body changed, everything changed with this Yoga, it's different. And I really don't know how to explain it, as I got limber and this is not supposed to be the case, given I am 65 years old this year and also I have emphysema and yes I used to smoke and that's a contributing factor. Probably inherited some genes from my mother (has tuberculosis and lung cancer). I have 31% lungs left but my blood oxygen levels stays 95% (are like that of a normal person's) and if it goes down I can pump it by 4% by doing pranayama.
So I remember attending the Yoga class on a Sunday, and felt great all day. It was maybe a one hour session. Then the following Tuesday I had a soccer match, and I remember running around like crazy. I usually don't last more than 20 minutes, but that evening I kept going and going- for more than 1 hour without getting tired. I m pretty sure it was the yoga session that gave me the extra energy, it was amazing. I'll always remember this.
Before I met Chander, I had never believed or done meditation ever before in life. I was 26 when through Chander's friendship and his persistence for me to give it a shot. And all it took was a 15 minute session of guided mediation by Chander along with about 50 other people, I had attended a lecture session about Sanatana Dharma given by Chander. These 15 mins changed they way I viewed meditation. I do not know how to explain the surreal nature of that feeling; that whole evening, as I hung out with friends, my heart and my body were bubbling with excitment, an unknown calm, a calm like, I've never expereiced before, my worries were gone, I felt like was 15 yrs old hanging out in the mall, not worried about a thing in life. As they say, know all you can about love through books, you will never know, unless you fall in it and experience it, that experience of 15 mins of mediation guided by chander were that epiphany that put me on path to constant endeavors to keep meditating for the rest of my life and keep feeling healthy and young in my heart no matter what! Thank you Chander, for showing me something this incredible.