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    Chander Yoga = SPIRITUALITY

    Self-confidence is just the beginning

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    Chander Yoga = MIND POWER


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    Chander Yoga = Mind-Body-Spirit Balance

    Enlightenment is just the beginning

Welcome to Chander Yoga

A Complete Life Solution

Meet the Yogi

Entrepreneur, Healer, Mentor and Family man

Authentic Himalayan Yogi

Chander Dhall has yoga in his blood. He has been practicing all forms of Yoga since childhood. He has been rightfully blessed to have learnt yoga in Himalayas, the very origin of Yoga. At the same time he has been fortunate to be blessed by the best Yoga Gurus who renounced worldly pleasures in search of truth.

As a professional Yoga teacher he spread the light of Yoga in northern parts of India. He associated himself with workshops and seminars on all forms of Yoga plus related sciences, inherent linkages between Karate and Yoga. After coming to US he started teaching Yoga in University of Texas at Dallas. He successfully completed 1008 Suryva Namaskars in 5 hours.

Raja Yoga exclusive: Having been initiated to Raja Yoga after years of defiance and negativity for Raja Yoga, he learnt the intricacies of Raja Yoga by questioning the authorities in Raja Yoga. Delves deep into Raja Yoga and has been blessed to have had first hand learning experience. GrandFather took Samadhi at a very young age.

Having been an ardent scholar of Karate, he understands and is adept at the physics and dynamics of human body. He is known to bridge the gap between modern and holistic sciences by his logical explanations.

Students report to have life transforming experiences. He is known to have empowered people to keep themselves fit by increasing their metabolism. He is grateful to his Grand Father who took Samadhi at a very young age and paved the way for the family to be guided by an enlightened soul. He stands indebted to his Guru/s who made him what he is today. At the same time he feels indebted to the people of United States who have shown so much love and undeserved respect for a stranger and has been always supportive of his initiatives.

You can contact him at csdhall@chanderdhall.com